How to survive Tough Mudder and Have fun.

Let me tell you a story before taking a dive in Tough mudder 2019, I was not into Obstacle racing at all. Untill I discovered an awesome bunch of people all coming together for a purpose. They use to train everyday at Kite Beach Dubai. It was awesome Expierence to see them train everyday. They called them “Navy Dxb” Family. And the founder was Abdul. I and Abdul connected well and our synergy matched. Simultaneously I joined Navy Dxb family.

As days and Months passed by I enjoyed training with them and all members become close to each other and since we did not had our family in Dubai and all were migrants. We bonded well with each on every occasions. We as a team planned to go for “Tough Mudder 2019”.

(I like taking Weird selfies)


I didn’t realise how much I was smiling throughout the event until I watched the GoPro content when editing my film. There was so much craziness on the course, and a lot of time to contemplate the craziness (aka question my sanity) that I had to smile and laugh at it! It always helps to smile. No matter how hard something is, appreciating all the good bits, the silliness of it all smiling despite the pain, helps us get through it and remember it fondly! After all, what’s the point if it’s not fun.

What should I wear on my legs and butt?

There will be scratches and bruises whatever you wear, but a lot of people wear long or short lycra leggings, or skins. It’s not a bad idea to wear shorts over the top of that, or you’ll tear the lycra and end up showing some butt.I l

When choosing shorts choose something with the least number of pockets (they will fill up with nice little sandbags of mud) and no gusset (ditto). A drawstring waist is a great idea too.

Sunglasses are utterly pointless. If you need prescription eyewear definitely get them on a neoprene strap with a thing on the back you can tighten them with (sorry, don’t know what that’s called).

Remember you can run round the side to the far end of an obstacle and leave your hat and glasses there before returning to complete the obstacle. There’s almost no way to not lose your glasses and hat in 2m of muddy water if you have to jump in from head height.

(I trying to find my way from the Obstacles)

I’ve always loved the feeling you get on an endurance event or race when you look around and you just know that everyone is suffering. These might be complete strangers but there’s an unspoken agreement of ‘we’re in this together’.

As Team of Navy dxb we were so excited to do all the obstacles. It was more like going to Amusement park or Waterpark. Reason being we all were together hand in hand for all the Obstacles. It was a joy ride and worth cherishing.

Barging rights: Tough Mudder is known for its bragging rights and its one of the most common phenenomen way of promoting the same. After every TM Events you get to see some of the most Awesome pictures taken and uploaded on the website.

We got the Oppourtinity to take some cool photo shots while running and having the fun.

(Crazy Bunch of Navy DXB)

We went ahead with 12km of obstacle racing, it was fun and equally fulfilling. we weren't tired but confused as we did multiple obstacles multiple times.

A big part of the event is to promote comradery. Many of the obstacles require help from other people like getting over large slippery walls, shoulder-deep, water-fill trenches, or a simple hand up after crawling through mud or ice water. Getting help and helping others gave it a great dimension and sense of being a part of something bigger. They didn’t keep times or give awards, the goal is to finish and to help others finish.

The very first obstacle set the tone for the day. We crawled 30 feet under barbed wire in incredibly slippery mud soaking us in the heavy sludge that would weigh us down for the rest of the course. At about the half way mark there was an obstacle which consisted of three individual horizontal logs sitting about 6 feet high that we had to climb over. It was raining on and off all day and we were covered in mud making the conditions pretty slippery. I watched as others slipped and fought with the logs to get over them. When it was my turn I jumped up trying to get my weight on my hands so that I could get my foot over. My hands slipped and I went down on to the log. I felt my ribs break and I knew it immediately as I have broken my ribs before. I continued over the log and bent over holding my knees to catch my breath. I looked to the next two logs and I carefully started climbing. I made it over and I tackled the next one. There was no way I was going to quit. The next few obstacles were painful, but I didn’t think about it. My mind was set on finishing.

(Windy but worth the fun)

Rolling the Barrier: keep rolling the Barrier, it keeps you going. barrier enables you to roll and ensure all of your team mates are on the other side of the barrier.

Conclusion: An event to remember more to do with Team spirit, Preservance and patience . One has to ensure he leads everyone together till the end of finish line.

And take some killer picture when you are finally done.

(The Best Pack)



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