Google Maps now for Truck drivers !!!

Well, you heard it right, truckers can now use google maps for better navigation in cities. As part of our CSR activity which we promoted on a large scale, truckers were taught and made ware of better utility of Apps that are available for their smartphone. In their smartphones, RTO signboards were the second activity, teaching them about signboards.

This happened when our party was disturbed by heavy rains, unable to manage our kiosk we were running here and there, those drivers pitied us and gave us shelter, then we managed to take training sessions inside those trucks in the batch of 10 people, they were completely taught about google maps for better navigation.

These sessions are organised over a high tea, with the single intend of teaching them more than truck driving and developing their overall skills, we are more focussed on improving their lifestyle and making them professional transporters, but more using technology as the base of it. Teaching them simple apps like maps will enable them to use google maps for better navigation purposes.

Well mostly 80% of them aren’t aware, feel that using maps for navigation in cities remains a core problem for them.

We conduct training sessions in batches this one is for RTO signboard readings.

Well we got published,

These training sessions are conducted every day to enable to teach truck drivers soft skills and enabling them to use smart apps for navigation and for other purposes.



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